Experience Designer

With a background in computer engineering, I strive to create viable solutions through purposeful design with an added dash of delight. I am currently working on an onboarding project at Jarden.

Case Studies

Selected Works

A collection of in-depth UX case studies where I talk about the process, learnings and outcomes of the projects undertaken, both in a group and individually. These include hypothetical and industry based projects.

UX/UI & Web design

Zentrips is a travel assistant web app. The application aims to provide travellers information regarding their upcoming flights and airports, enabling users to better plan their journey and reduce stress.

Individual capstone project for the Web Design class. Completed in a span of 4 weeks.

UX/UI design

Makara Peak Supporters is a group of volunteers, come together to plan and oversee the development of the Makara Peak mountain bike park. Through substantial UX research the team proposed and designed improvements to the digital platforms for MPS.

Makara Peak Supporters
Industry based university project completed with a group of 5 for a Web Design class. Completed in a span of 4 weeks.

UX/UI design

Skip!, is a queue management app. The application aims to provide users information about waiting lines and an option to become a part of a virtual queue enabling users to make better us of their time.

Individual capstone project for the UX Design class. Completed in a span of 3 weeks.

UX/UI design

'I Want To Experience' is a company that creates VR tools and content. This industry project, a web-based 360 video editing tool, was a collaboration with students pursuing Software Development.

I Want To Experience
Industry based university project completed with a group of 7 for a Web Design class. Completed in a span of 2 weeks.

Shipped work

Products out in the wild

These are projects that I worked on full time and brought to life. This includes a couple of projects at ANZ and my web development work for Arabica Orient Tours.

Side Projects

Outside my day job I try to expand on other design skills through smaller, specific projects. Currently I am improving on interaction & motion design.

How I work

Purposeful design that delights

Through simple and minimalistic design, I aim to send the right message, clearly to evoke the right emotions. By truly empathising with the people, I try to better understand their journey and search for ways to delight them along the various points of their interactions.

Understand. Create. Iterate.

I adapt my process as the work demands but it usually starts with understanding the project, stakeholders, competition etc. Thorough research I gain a deeper understanding of the users, their journey and possible touch-points.
I analyse the solution, laying out the IA, flows etc before I begin designing the solution.
I validate my designs with user testing before the next iteration.

Survey and ideation

I scope out the current solutions, analyse the competition. I let imagination take over and then make viable choices to move forward.

Interviews and testing

Interviews are a vital part of my problem discovery stage and help me empathise better. I test my designs at various stages and iterate as needed.

Wireframes and prototypes

My first step in a design phase usually includes quick wireframing to explore various ideas for layout etc followed by hi-fi prototyping (Currently in Studio).

Interactions and motion

I enjoy adding delight to the user experience whenever possible. I am currently exploring interaction design using InVision Studio and Framer.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I have a solid understanding of front end development and have used the technologies in some of my recent projects.

PHP, SQL, C, Java, Python

As a computer science student I have learnt and used these languages for multiple projects during my undergrad, uploaded on my GitHub account.