Hello there!

You can call me Sid

I am inspired by simplicity and driven by curiosity, that is what I try to incorporate in my work and also how I try to function everyday. My curiosity and passion for problem solving led me to graduate as a computer science student and has now brought me to Wellington, New Zealand to grow in the realm of user experience design. Currently, with my awesome team, I am trying to improve the employee experience at ANZ.

My Story

I developed a strong affinity for tinkering and finding ways to solve tech problems at school and at home. This curiosity led to a growing interest in evolving technology and therefore the step to pursue a bachelors degree in computer science. As a computer science student I began finding more ways to solve real problems, which led me to web development, a skill I taught myself. It was during my internship as a web developer did I began to realise and understand the value of user centred design. I learned a little about UX design and saw its impact on product during my first job as an IT consultant in Oman. Creating something that was tailored to the users transcended functionality and into a pleasing experience. I came to New Zealand to complete my Masters degree in User Experience Design to make a solid foundation for myself in design and grow into an empathetic one.

My Process

My background in computer science helps me understand the development process better and come up with viable solutions from the start. My design principles are based around simplicity. I believe that a clearer message is delivered when it isn't surrounded by clutter. This message therefore has a more profound impact and thus people can connect to it better. I have developed strong research skills thanks to the time I invested in education. I always start every project with research and analysis. This allows me to move forward in the right direction and create solutions quicker. Although centred around user experience, my passion for design pushes me to improve myself in all the its fields. I am currently learning and experimenting with interaction and motion design, to attempt more ways to add delight to a users journey.