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Resource Management

Resource Management tools designed for managers and administrators to view, track and manage resources available to them and their teams.

Release date
March 25, 2019
ANZ Employee Experience


One of the potential areas for impactful design within employee experience was resource management. Among the various opportunities available, I was tasked to conceptualise and design two applications that would help view, track and manage the different resources. Each of these were developed by a different group of developers aimed at a different set of users.


Employees at ANZ have a variety of resources provided to them. These include devices, mobile contracts etc. With such a large amount of resources it has become difficult and complex for an individual or team to manage them. This has led to increased expenses and wasted resources.

Although there existed various records in a database containing information about these resources, it was vastly unutilised. There was no way to view the information in an easy and understandable manner.


It was important to understand what the users of each of these applications would want to see to make them effective tools. Using information design guidelines helped prioritise the information and visualise the data. Research and testing was key in finding out what visuals (pie chart vs bar graph) worked best for what data.

Both the tools were quite different in terms of the information and actions they presented to the users. Jeffie, a tool that is created for managers to track the various device, data and expenses of their team members was created as a dashboard. The other tool, Portal, helped administrators track and manage various devices given to staff and branches as well as writing and applying scripts for them.

Final Design

Starting with a style guide helped create consistent designs for both the applications while keeping it aligned to ANZs brand. The style guide included colours, typography, form elements, navigation bars, notification bars and graphs. An area that required extra focus for Portal was making forms simple as there were quite a few, this was achieved by weeding out all the unnecessary information and keeping only the necessary items.

Visualising information for Jeffie was the most challenging part of the project. As a tool that made it easy for managers to understand usage and control expenses, it was important to make information easy to read and digest without causing confusion. To achieve that, several iterations of the visuals were tested with managers and the most effective ones selected.

Each of the designs were handed over to developers with a set of documentation including style guides, spacing values, notification usage etc. This was done to allow further development of each tool beyond the current scope, as envisioned.

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