Arabica Orient Tours

The company wanted to revamp their website with something fresh, clean and modern. A responsive website was built using Wordpress CMS along with a lot of content creation.

Release date
May 6, 2017
Arabica Orient Tours, A division of Muscat Barracks


Arabica Orient Tours needed to completely remake their website to better reflect the organisations visual identity. The redesign required updating old content as well as creating more new content. The website would focus on delivering maximum effect through beautiful, crisp & high quality images.


Everything on the website used a slightly different style guide which resulted in a confusing and fragmented user experience. In some cases, design patterns were not implemented as well as they could have been, which led to frustrated customers.
Most users complained that the website looked a decade old and didn't display the values of the company. There were several sections with information that was irrelevant, too much or not enough. Navigation was tedious and cluttered. Overall the user experience was lacking in quality across the website. The experience was inconsistent across several areas.


It was vital to see the website from the user perspective rather than the clients. I held interviews with people who use travel websites for booking holidays to better understand the end users needs and expectations. The information aided in the decision making on layout and navigation throughout the site.

Final Design

In order for Arabica Orient Tours to present a cohesive image and rapidly overhaul its web experiences, they needed to establish some design patterns and assets, starting off with a typeface and brand colours. Using these assets in the website allowed it to reflect their current visual identity in a better way. So keeping the vibrant colour palette of the brand, I began developing a clean layout that would maximise impact through bold imagery. The navigation had to be redesigned from scratch as the previous website was cluttered that made it difficult to navigate around. Several new sections were added in to pages that aimed at making it easy for users to have access to all the necessary information without cluttering the space.

The project was developed using the Wordpress CMS. The decision to use Wordpress was dictated by the need of the company to be independent in managing content after completion. The product was tested on all popular browsers and various devices to ensure a mobile friendly website.

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